I kinda sorta think I get it?


I’ve used this image so many times, I’m surprised it’s not the default image that comes up when you Google my blog title.

Have you ever felt like you’ve sussed out a situation without truly knowing all the facts, purely because one or two things really stood out to you as being significant in some way? You know, maybe you walked in on the tail end of an argument, so you don’t know what precipitated it, but you can quickly figure it out just based on body language or other clues? I don’t think it’s a superpower or anything, but it can sometimes be annoying because you end up learning things about people you maybe sorta don’t want to know.




  1. Megha's World · January 28

    happens most of the time to me.Silence conversation teeming with body language.


  2. website · January 29

    Certamente não é fácil para Google detectar isso.


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