Out of thin air.


Whatever that is, I’d like a big bowl of it for lunch, please.

I love to cook. I wasn’t taught how, I learned by watching my mom move around the kitchen when I was a kid, and by trial and error. I throw a bunch of shit together and see if I like it. If I do, I make it again. If I don’t, I’ll either change some of the ingredients or scrap the idea all together. If I had my druthers, I’d rather work from a recipe than from a bunch of ingredients piled up on the counter, so at least I’d know I was using the right amounts of everything, but some of my favorite dishes I’ve made are stuff I’ve literally made up on the spot, tasting as I went along to see if it was too salty, too sweet, too spicy, etc. One of my favorite things to make are pasta salads, since they’re essentially foolproof. A particular variation I make a lot over the summer uses baby spinach, olive oil, and Balsamic vinegar. I prefer salads that don’t use mayonnaise, only because I hate mayonnaise 99% of the time, and in pasta/potato salads, it gets too gloppy, and I can’t stand that.

Do you enjoy cooking? Do you prefer working from a recipe or do you like just pulling random things off the shelf to see what you come up with?




  1. lifelessons · February 12, 2018

    Amen re/ mayonnaise..


  2. Dangerspouse · February 12, 2018

    I’m a “see whatcha got in the cabinet and go for it” kinda guy, which is a bit odd as I have 400+ cookbooks cluttering up my hovel. But then, I was a chef for some years and just got used to cooking ad lib. If I can give you a little advice here, since you love cooking also: learn techniques, not recipes. That way no matter what you’re presented with, you can make something great out of it even if it’s not written down in some book somewhere. Keep up the great work! 🙂


  3. everydaystrangeblog · February 12, 2018

    I hate mayo as well! I like to have a recipe, but I often wind up tweaking it depending on if I’m missing an ingredient or I just don’t like an ingredient listed.


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