I don’t quite get it.


I’m not this hopeless at math. I promise.

Math for me, when I was in school, was a nightmare. I never failed it, and I never got a grade lower than a B, but I hated it. I hated that it took me longer than my classmates to figure out concepts they picked up right away. I hated that it took me the entire class period to finish an exam when they all were done well before I was. I hated that I had no confidence in what I was doing, even if I ended up being right. It’s part of why I chose a major that didn’t require a lot of math.

Was there a subject in school you weren’t confident about? Is it something you have to use a lot in your day to day life now, or is it something you thankfully haven’t had to deal with since leaving school?




  1. drkottaway · March 13

    My daughter and I both had the same most difficult subject: recess. She complained the first week of preschool that there were other kids who talked to her “And I don’t know them!” I went off to school but we had no television, and all the other kids did. I had no conversational gambits and failed the social peer group and found it entirely mystifying. We both had to learn to come out of our introversion and we still both have trouble with “small talk”.


  2. fingerstosky · March 13

    It’s amazing how many things they forced on us at school that are completely not applicable to life. Though I think exposure to things we don’t understand is good — I do feel that time can be wasted revisiting something that is not of any interest.


  3. Vonita · March 17

    My worst subject was art. I hated drawing. And now I find myself doing a graphic design diploma in my forties.


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