Isn’t it supposed to be spring?



This is how it feels right now, only minus the snow.


Now, I don’t consider myself an authority on meteorology, but isn’t April firmly in the realm of spring, not winter? It was 32°F when I woke up this morning, and on Saturday, we’re supposed to get sleet maybe kind of sort of mixed with a little snow. That doesn’t sound spring-like to me. That sounds like December. What’s irritating about this is that the weather just started warming up enough that I could do some work outside in the front yard to clean up the areas on either side of our front stairs, plus the peony bushes by the mailbox. I still have more work to do, and I would like to get back to it, but I can’t, not if the damn ground will be frozen solid.

Mother Nature, you’re being a real bitch this year.  😡

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