Daily Double.

This is a special day, boys and girls. I didn’t get a chance to post my response to yesterday’s prompt, so I’m doing it today along with today’s prompt. That’s right, it’s the rare Designer Sophisticate 2-for-1 sale. There are so many songs I love for one reason or another; they might be songs that remind me of my childhood or they’re songs that I connect to a certain time in my life or they’re songs that evoke certain feelings or emotions in me. So, it would be impossible to choose my absolute favorite song because I have so many. Instead, I’ll open up iTunes and share the song that I’ve played the most out of all tracks in my library. Enjoy!


Now, on to today’s prompt!

As you know, I avoid getting overly political here because I have readers all throughout the country (and the world), and I wouldn’t want to alienate or offend any of them by railing against their sacred cows, so to speak. That being said, when I hear the word “crank,” the first thing that comes to mind is Alex Jones. You know, that screaming asshole who thinks Sandy Hook didn’t happen and all the parents of the murdered children are lying? That guy. Being a conservative doesn’t make one a crank, but when you’re into full-on tinfoil hat territory, then you’re a crank. I don’t watch/read InfoWars, but some of the people I follow on Twitter post clips just to make fun of his ranting, and wow. Not even the late, great Art Bell would have put some of this shit on Coast to Coast AM.




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  2. Patty Richardson · April 18, 2018

    Great song!!!!! Brought back a lot of memories!!!!!! Enjoyed reading your post!!!! 🙂


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