High school memories.

I graduated from high school in 2000 (I know, I’m old), so when I hear the word “genie,” I think of Christina Aguilera. I remember watching her on the Mickey Mouse Club back in the early 90s when I was in grammar school (I know, I’m old), so imagine my surprise when I discovered she had an album coming out and a hit song on the radio. It amuses me now to look back at some of the music I used to listen to when I was 16-19 years old, particularly since I’m fairly certain people won’t be listening to it in 50 years. That being said, I think Ms. Aguilera will be around for a while. Out of all those teen pop artists, other than Justin Timberlake, she had the best voice. So, if you’re my age or older, let’s take a journey back in time, shall we?




  1. Megha's World · April 18

    OMG..I can’t stop singing the song from when I have seen the prompt.Love her voice.It was very well modulated.


  2. Oh, yeah, you’re SOOOO old! I graduated high school in 1988, youngster!


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