I told you before, I’m getting a lot of use out of this picture on my blog.


Do you know someone like this? You ask for directions to go somewhere, and they tell you to turn “that way” or go down “this way” or walk down to the building “over there.” How about if you ask for where something goes, and they tell you to put it “over there” next to “that thing on the end.”

Sometimes non-specificity is required, and I get that. However, there are far more numerous times where being very specific is essential, and if we’re driving somewhere or I’m helping you put furniture together, I need to know, directly, where to go or where to put something. I don’t want ballpark figures or rough estimates. I need something concrete.

Are you the same way? Can you figure things out even if people are intentionally/unintentionally vague with you or will you just stand there looking at them, gaping like a fish?



  1. Jess Gatsby · April 23, 2018

    I am that person.. :c Oops.


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