I don’t ruffle feathers.



I don’t know what kind of bird that is, but I like that thingamajig on its head.


I’m the last person who will ever rise up against our totalitarian overlords and restore order…or anything else remotely or not remotely similar to that. I’m a big ol’ wuss, is what I’m saying. The tallest blade of grass gets cut first, or so the expression goes, and I’m not interested in getting the Marie Antoinette haircut, thank you very much. I know that makes me sound boring and dull, but really, boring and dull aren’t so bad when the alternative is constantly getting into shit for acting up, breaking the rules/law, and being a holy terror. I had friends in school who, bless their hearts, got into trouble all the time for breaking curfew, wearing clothes they weren’t supposed to wear, hanging out with people their parents didn’t like…I didn’t have the balls then, and I still don’t have them now.

By the way, HOW ‘BOUT THEM YANKEES! I’m smelling a lot of 1998 coming off this team…I hope this season ends the same way that one did.


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