The standard-bearer.

photo of runway model modelling a black outfit

Photo by sk on

Today’s Word of the Day is quintessence which means, “the most typical example.” We get the word “quintessential” from the same root as our Word of the Day, in case that wasn’t glaringly obvious. LOL. A great example of how to use this in a sentence would be to say that Cindy Crawford is the quintessence of fashion and being stylish — if you ever saw her dressed in ratty sweatpants, a stained t-shirt, and Crocs, you might be concerned. For me, the ratty sweatpants and Crocs are basic fashion staples…at least right now. Ain’t nowhere to go, ain’t no one to see me, so who cares what I wear around the house. I do insist on wearing clean t-shirts, though. There’s a limit to my sloppiness right now.

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