Finally caught up!

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Today’s Word of the Day is amity which means, “friendship or friendly relations.” Yes, you got four, count ’em FOUR blog posts from me today, and that’s mostly because I bookmark the Word of the Day tweets, then get to them when I have time. I try not to let it get that bad, but hey. Life happens. Whenever I hear this word, I think of “The Amityville Horror,” a movie based on the experiences of a family that moved into a house made famous for a mass-murder. I’ve never seen it because horror movies aren’t my thing, but I know the story it’s based on, and it’s as gruesome as you think it is. In the film, the house is possessed, and the two attic windows glow red to make them appear to be eyes peering out into the darkness. I would imagine for most people of a certain age, when they hear the word “amity”, either that comes to mind or the town in the movie “Jaws.”

Tell me what you think!

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