Only on the outside.

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Today’s Word of the Day is feign which means, “to give a false appearance of.” Sad to say, I’ve gotten rather good over the years at feigning interest in any number of things because it keeps the peace. I can listen to my conservative family members discuss politics and tune most of it out while not looking like I’ve tuned anything out, and frankly, in today’s climate, I consider that a prime survival skill. Sometimes you have to put on a little act to get people to shut up quicker. As an aside, if you’re spending Thanksgiving tomorrow with people who you don’t agree with on much, if anything, set some hard and fast rules for the dinner table that include no discussion of politics, religion, or money. Those things shouldn’t be discussed at the dinner table no matter the time of year, but especially over the holidays. You’ll be happier for having done it. Trust me.

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