Come on over.

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Yesterday’s Word of the Day was affable which means, “friendly and easy to talk to.” While I don’t think I possess any finesse, I definitely think I’m affable. Somewhat. I don’t do well making small talk with people I don’t know, but once we know one another, I think I make for a good conversation partner. I’ve been told that sometimes I have “Resting Bitch Face,” which I try to work on. I’m not really in a bad mood…I just look that way? *shrugs* I’m very nice. I promise. My sister is the exact opposite of me in the sense that she makes friends really easily. When she was younger, she’d have half a dozen people swarming around her when we’d go to the playground or what have you. I was always jealous (and still am, frankly) of how easy she makes it look.

Smooth as silk.

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Sunday’s Word of the Day was finesse which means, “to handle or deal with in a skillful way.” I have no finesse when it comes to most everything. I am the least suave person on the planet…or sometimes it feels. If something happens at work, and they need someone to smooth over the situation and bring about cooler heads, I am not the person they go to. That’s not in my skillset. I wish it was, I think people like that are infinitely valuable. I’m more the kind of person who tries to make you feel better after someone else failed at smoothing things over. Call me the Cleaner-Upper, I suppose.

I’m sorry, what did you say?

Today’s Word of the Day is voluble which means, “characterized by ready or rapid speech.” People who talk really fast annoy me because they’re always the ones who get pissed off when others don’t respond to whatever they said right away. Well, it’s not my fault I didn’t answer your question two seconds after you finished it…I barely caught every fourth word. Slow down, speak deliberately, and pause after punctuation marks. Otherwise, you sound like that Micromachines guy. Remember those commercials from the 80s? Good times. On that note, for today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection, I thought I’d pick a song where the singer is singing so fast, I have trouble following along to more than just the chorus. Here is “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by R.E.M. Enjoy!

Cue Irving Berlin.

Today’s Word of the Day is cerulean which means, “resembling the blue of the sky.” Few things put me in a better mood than a crystal blue sky and sunshine. I don’t know if I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or I just really like sunny days, but when the weather is crap, I feel like crap. My mood immediately plummets. When the sky is clear and bright, not a cloud to be seen, I feel like dancing down the street when I walk my dog. Tomorrow’s forecast is supposed to be for one of those cloudless, sunny skies, so I’m betting on feeling mighty good all day. With that in mind, I thought I’d give you a Musical Interlude Thursday bonus. A little later in the day than I was intending to get this out, but better late than never. Here is “Blue Skies” by Kiri Te Kanawa. Enjoy!

Different in every way.

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Yesterday’s Word of the Day was antithetical which means, “directly opposite or opposed.” Being a vegan and working for a meatpacking company would be antithetical. As would being a hunter that worked for PETA. Claiming to be Christian, yet voting for politicians that are as unlike Christ as possible would also be an example of antithetical beliefs, but for some reason, that particular situation hasn’t had much difficulty gaining traction where I live. Hmm. It’s one of many complaints I have about religion, no matter the denomination or sect, being a part of politics, but it’s a big complaint. Another topical gripe I have on a similar bent are people who claim to be pro-life, yet against vaccines. How can you claim to support life when you’re against something that saves lives? I’d ask these people to explain their reasoning, but reason didn’t get them there, and reason won’t get them out.

Any which way.

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Monday’s Word of the Day was palindrome which means, “a word read the same backward or forward.” One of my favorite palindromes is “A man, a plan, a canal; Panama.” It usually takes people a couple of minutes to divvy out the letters going backward, but it’s all there. Names can be palindromes too, like Otto, Bob, and Hannah. I, sadly, do not have a palindromic name. I kinda wish I did, because they’re pretty cool. I don’t even have a palindromic birthday. 😢

The sign o’ the times.

Today’s Word of the Day is zeitgeist which means, “the beliefs, ideas, and spirit of an era.” You hear this word used a lot in the phrase “cultural zeitgeist,” which to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever used myself or would know how to use properly. So, with that in mind, let’s completely ignore the Word of the Day and go straight to today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week. I thought we should close 2021 on a high note since it’s been a shit year for me personally and a pretty shitty year for most people around the world. (Hello, pandemic.) Here’s Led Zeppelin doing Led Zeppelin things with “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” from their 2007 reunion concert. Enjoy!

This one gets it.

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Today’s Word of the Day is astute which means, “mentally sharp or clever.” I’d like to think I’m an astute person. I certainly hope other people think of me that way. I don’t think I’m the smartest person in the world, but I consider myself someone of fairly high intelligence. The only thing I’d say I’m not astute at picking up on is sarcasm online. In-person, body language/tone of voice give it away, but online, when all you’re looking at are words on a screen, it can be difficult to discern what someone means, especially if you don’t know them in real life. I’ve had more than a few unforced errors on social media because of that over the years.

Just do what you want.

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Yesterday’s Word of the Day was carte blanche which means, “full discretionary power.” It can be dangerous sometimes to give someone carte blanche over something, whether it be a group project at school or work, crafting a holiday menu, or running a state/country. The old adage, “Give an inch, and they’ll take a mile” comes into play. Without oversight, abuses can happen, and even with something as innocuous as a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, allowing someone to just do what they will without any input or even correction from someone else can be disastrous. Look at the United States from 2017-2021. Holy fuck. That’s why we have a president, not a dictator. Well, we’re supposed to have a president, not a dictator. Numbnuts didn’t get the memo.

*insert angry emoji face here*

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Monday’s Word of the Day was livid which means, “very angry, enraged, or furious.” I’d like to think I’m a fairly even-tempered person and that I’m not quick to anger. However, when I’m angry…you know it. There is no second-guessing what I’m feeling. So, it takes a lot to make me angry, but when I’m angry, I’m angry. Happily, I can say that because I’m not quick to anger, I’ve seldom been so pissed off I see red. I’m annoyed quite frequently, sometimes even aggravated, but “livid” is a state I’ve been in only a handful of times that I can remember.