Quite the performance.

Today’s Word of the Day is histrionic which means, “theatrical or deliberately affected.” In other words, if someone is being waaaaaaaay over the top with their response, particularly if it’s a sad or emotional response, they’re engaging in some A#1 histrionics. We’ve all seen someone act like this, and nine times out of ten, it’s embarrassing because they’re clearly doing it for attention. I’m not suggesting that everyone should be as restrained as I am (I very seldom cry publicly, not even at funerals), but there’s a level of decorum that people should maintain and save the loud wailing and weeping for when they’re behind closed doors. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection. Here is “Cry Like a Baby” by The Box Tops. Enjoy!

Turn it down, will you?

Today’s Word of the Day is stentorian which means, “extremely loud.” You usually see/hear this word used to describe a person’s demeanor or verbal approach. For example, a politician might deliver a speech in a stentorian manner. It’s forceful. Direct. Some people respond well to that kind of energy, but others don’t. I’m one of those people. I’ve always believed you’re more apt to get people on your side or to get people to listen to if you do it at a calm, normal tone than if you’re ranting and raving. With that in mind, for today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection, I thought I’d go with a song that reminds you to keep it down. Here is “Hush” by Deep Purple. Enjoy!

A little bit country.

Today’s Word of the Day is yokel which means, “a naive person from a rural area or town.” I live in a semi-rural area, so I know a thing or two about yokels. I live amongst them, shop amongst them. There’s nothing wrong with being a yokel, not really, it’s just not me. I’m from Chicago, so I’m an urban, city girl. The only thing I have a real issue with is the politics of the area, but I can’t change that alone. I do my part and vote every two years, but I have to rely on the people around me to do the same and hope they vote like I do. (Spoiler: They don’t.) With that in mind, for today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection, I thought I’d share one of my favorite country songs with you, a genre I wouldn’t have gotten into if it wasn’t for my Dad. He loves country, but it’s classic country. So, think Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Patsy Cline, etc. Another one of those artists is Marty Robbins, someone whose entire discography he owns. On vinyl. Here is “Ruby Ann” by the aforementioned Mr. Robbins. Enjoy!

Standing strong.

Today’s Word of the Day is stalwart which means, “marked by outstanding strength or spirit.” In the last few months, we’ve seen a lot of great examples of stalwart Americans doing what they need to do in order to help others in desperate need of it. Nurses, doctors, grocery store clerks, you name it. People who’ve shown that when the chips are down, it’s second nature for them to help pick others up in whatever way they can. It’s a great counter to a lot of the selfish stupidity we’ve also seen the past several months. You know, the people who refuse to wear masks, the people who think social distancing equaled socialism (that was one of my favorites). We’ll get through this, I hope, but it’ll take longer than it has for other countries because, again, too many of us are selfish. So, to honor all the people who aren’t letting adversity, no matter what kind, keep them knocked down, I present today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection. Here is “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John. Enjoy!

It’s all in your mind.

Today’s Word of the Day is fictitious which means, “Not true or real.” Fiction is one of my favorite genres of books/stories to read. I enjoy discovering what worlds, characters, and situations authors conjure up to entertain their readers. That goes for published novels and fanfiction on the Internet. In fact, some of the best fiction I’ve ever read has actually been fanfiction for various TV shows and movies. Seriously — some of the Games of Thrones stories I’ve read are several eons better than Season 8 was. Not just in terms of the ending, but also in terms of character development. For today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection, I had two songs in mind, both excellent choices. However, I decided to go with the one maybe more people might not readily know. Here is “Imaginary Lover” by Atlanta Rhythm Section. Enjoy!

Better than the rest.

Today’s Word of the Day is rendition which means, “a performance or interpretation.” One song that gets performed a lot, often times badly, is the Star-Spangled Banner. Doesn’t matter if it’s the World Series or your local little league team’s Saturday afternoon game. Someone will be singing that song, and chances are, they’ll be singing it off-key. The only renditions or versions of the song I’ve heard that have been any good have been performances with no vocals, although Whitney Houston at the Super Bowl is the gold standard. It’s a difficult song to sing to begin with, and too many singers try to put their own spin or flavor on it, forgetting that it’s the national anthem, not one of their own songs. Just sing it straight, don’t try and jazz it up or make it more like something you already sing.

Now, speaking of interpretations, I always love quizzing people on songs they don’t know are actually covers. For example, did you know that Roger Miller was the first to perform “Me and Bobby McGee”, not Janis Joplin? Or that Otis Redding did “Respect” before Aretha Franklin? For me, one of the best covers I’ve ever heard is this song, originally performed by Fleetwood Mac. Yes, Fleetwood Mac. No, Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham weren’t in the group at the time. Here is “Black Magic Woman” by Santana. Enjoy!

Take it on the chin.

Today’s Word of the Day is assail which means, “to attack, confront, or criticize.” Well. Talk about a timely word. I don’t often get political on this blog, at least not to any great depth, only because I don’t know where all my readers are from or what their ideological leanings are and offending people isn’t my aim. That being said, what’s going on with Comrade COVID right now and Twitter in particular is alarming. He just recently tweeted that he thinks cops in Minnesota should be able to shoot-to-kill looters. If I tweeted something like that (I wouldn’t, but let’s say in this alternate reality, I would), I’d be banned from the platform so fast, my head would spin. However, for some reason, it’s okay when HE does it. Then, when Twitter “fact checks” statements he made about mail-in voting, he throws a hissy fit and claims they shouldn’t be legally allowed to do that.

102,000 Americans are dead. The economy is in shambles. There are riots in the streets over police brutality. However, the supposed leader of the free world is taking time out of his day to bitch about social media? Jesus wept.

Today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection is what I’d love to hear Jack Dorsey say to Comrade COVID, but it’s unlikely to happen since Combover Caligula is good for Dorsey’s bottom line. Here is “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar. Enjoy!

Dressed to the nines.

Today’s Word of the Day is preen which means, “to make one’s appearance neat and tidy.” I don’t think I preen all that often. To me, this has a slightly egotistical connotation. You know, someone staring at their reflection in every mirror or pane of glass they walk by, always fussing with their hair or fixing their clothes. I don’t do that. That’s a level of vanity, IMO, I don’t have. I’ll check to make sure I don’t have a tag sticking out or that my skirt/dressed isn’t tucked into my underwear or something, but on the whole, I don’t worry too much about my appearance. I make sure when I leave the house, my clothes fit and aren’t stained/dirty, but I don’t have a compulsion to constantly be adjusting myself all day. On that note, I thought today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection was perfect, insofar as making sure you’re always nattily attired is concerned. Here is “Puttin’ on the Ritz” by Taco. Enjoy!

Just a brief interruption.

Today’s Word of the Day is stymie which means, “to present an obstacle to.” I can’t say this is a word I use all that often in everyday life. I see it used in print quite often, and I hear it used often enough, but it’s not part of my daily rota of words. It’s kind of annoying when I run across words I don’t really use because it makes me feel like my vocabulary isn’t that good. I also tried to challenge myself to think of a moment I’d been stymied by someone or something recently, and I drew a blank. I guess in that respect I’ve gotten lucky, but my luck could change later today for all I know. Have you stymied by someone or something recently? How did you handle it? Did you get annoyed/aggravated/upset or did you just let it roll off your back? While you’re thinking about that, you can listen to today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection. A great synonym (or expression) for stymie is “throw a monkey wrench into,” so why not go with something by The Monkees? Here is my favorite song of theirs, “A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You.” Enjoy!

Do not pass go.

Today’s Word of the Day is verboten, which means, “forbidden or prohibited.” I use this word far more than I use the English equivalents. I use quite a few German words more than I use their English equivalents, only because I think they sound better. For example, why say you’re happy to see someone upset when you can say you’re experiencing some much-needed schadenfreude? Why say something is wonderful or great when you can say wunderbar instead? Now, to get back to the topic of today’s post, a lot of things are forbidden or prohibited right now, like eating in restaurants, taking your kids to the playground, or getting a haircut. There are no sports, no movies/TV shows are being filmed (Barry Season 3, where are you…?), and you can’t go to a concert or the theater. It’s all for an excellent reason, so I’m not complaining. We gotta do what we gotta do right now to get through this, and we will get through it. So long as all the protestor morons go home and stay there. Stay strong, peeps. For today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection, I thought I’d go with a song that talks about something verboten right now that hopefully, we’ll be able to do again soon. Here is “Dancing in the Street” by Martha and the Vandellas. Enjoy!