The right stuff.

Today’s Word of the Day is apposite which means “highly pertinent or appropriate.” The spellchecker in my browser doesn’t recognize that as a word, thinking I misspelled “opposite.” Now that’s funny. I don’t know the word very well, having never, to my recollection, seen or heard it used before. I looked the word up to see if I could find examples of it used in a sentence so I had a better grasp on how to use it, and apparently, it can be used in place of the word “appropriate.” For example — “I need to go shopping to find an apposite dress for the Ladies’ Guild brunch next week.” I personally wouldn’t use it though, because when saying the word, it sounds too much like “opposite.” What IS apposite is my song selection for this week’s Musical Interlude Friday. As the title of this post suggests, it’s an oldie but a goodie (if you’re of a certain age). Here is “The Right Stuff” by New Kids on the Block. Enjoy!


Those were the days.

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Today’s Word of the Day is peer-to-peer which means, “using a distributed computer network.” Of course, when one thinks of peer-to-peer networks, they think of file sharing programs like Napster or LimeWire. I freely admit to partaking in some clandestine music acquisition back in the early aughts, and the list of programs I had on my computer in order to acquire said tunes was pretty extensive. WinMX, BearShare, Kazaa, LimeWire, and Gnutella all spent time on my hard drive at one point. I buy stuff on iTunes now, and even if I wanted to illegally download something, I don’t want to risk compromising my computer by downloading a program that might very well be loaded with malware. I was rather shocked to find that WinMX is still around. I use a Mac, so I couldn’t put it on my computer, even if I wanted to, but I can remember spending HOURS looking for stuff on it, and we had dial-up Internet back then, so it took forever to finish just one song, much less a whole album.

Damn, I miss my 20s.

The check is in the mail.


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Today’s Word of the Day is remittance which means, “a sum of money that is sent as payment.” Nowadays, people are less likely to put checks in the mail as they are to pay for everything online. I actually don’t remember the last time I physically wrote out a check, and if I had to right now, it might take me a few moments to remember what goes where. I suppose much like letter writing and thank you notes, it’s been consigned to the circular file of history.

Now this, this is truly funny. My father recently received a bill from Medicare for one cent. Yes, $0.01. He’d previously received one for $0.35. I told him he should mail the bill back with a penny taped to it. Not quite a note saying the check is in the mail, but I hope someone at the Medicare office has a sense of humor.

Just go with it.

Today’s Word of the Day is palimpsest which means, “writing material used more than one time.” I’ve seen and heard this word used a lot to describe multiple advertisements painted on exterior walls that, as one ad fades away, the others become visible over time. I’m sure you’ve seen what I’m talking about when you’re driving around your local city. Growing up in Chicago, I saw them all the time. The most recent ad might have been for something like a mechanic’s shop, but when that one faded away because of sun/weather, the ad that had been there before, maybe one for a clothing store, would suddenly be visible. It’s actually really interesting. You can tell the history of an area fairly well based on what advertisements were directed to the people that lived there. As for today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection, I had a difficult time thinking of a song that in any way related to “palimpsest,” so I opted for choosing a song at random. Here is “Please, Please Me” by The Beatles. Enjoy!

Hop in, take a ride.

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Today’s Word of the Day is borne which means, “transported or transmitted by.” If you’re like me and enjoy the works of Jane Austen or the Brontë sisters, then you probably know this word well, as they used it often to describe someone who arrived in a carriage or in a chaise. It’s very fancy. Well, at least I think it’s fancy. I think people should use it way more often. For example, how bougie would it be to say that a company’s acceptance of your business offer was “borne by fax”? Or that you told your parents your friend’s condolences were “borne by tweet”? See? That just made those two very mundane communications very ritzy indeed. I think from now on when I go anywhere, I’m going to say I was “borne by Honda Civic.”

I’ve got the best one in the world.

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I’m fortunate to have a wonderful mother who, despite everything she’s been through this year so far, is still alive and kicking. Hopefully, next Mother’s Day will see her in much better health. For those of you who don’t have your mothers with you anymore, I hope you take today to think about all the good times and wonderful memories you had with her, and if you’re a mother yourself, let your kids spoil you. They’ll grow up before you know it. Enjoy your day!

It’s okay to be lazy.

Today’s Word of the Day is footle which means, “to talk or act foolishly or to waste time.” One could say spending time on Twitter (or Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/TikTok/whatever else the kids are into nowadays) would be a great example of footling since one does a lot of talking, a lot of acting foolishly, and a lot of wasting time whilst on social media. I’m guilty of this myself. I don’t spend as much time on Twitter as other people do, I think I’m maybe on a grand total of 1-2 hours per day, but the time I spend there is spent there precisely because I want to waste time. I have plenty of chores to do during the day to keep me busy, so whatever time I have open to doing other things, I take advantage of. Today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection is a great example, I think, of a song that is fun to listen to when you just want to lay around and do nothing for a while. Or maybe you want to do something, but it’s not very productive. Here is “Cruisin'” by Smokey Robinson. Enjoy!

But for a moment.


I was never any good at catching lightning bugs as a kid. They’d land on my arm or hand, but I couldn’t get them into the jar. Ah, well.

Today’s (well, yesterday’s) Word of the Day is ephemeral which means, “lasting a very short time.” This is one of those words I think people know, in the sense that they’ve heard it before quite a few times, but that they don’t use properly. Kind of like the words “ironic” and “literally.” The best usage of the word I’ve ever seen was in describing fireflies. They don’t live long, and their time in the summer is very short. Their beauty, in other words, is ephemeral. I love looking out my bedroom window and seeing them flit around my front yard. It’s one of the few things I can truly say makes me feel like a kid again. Something that is sometimes sorely lacking, I’m afraid to say.

Like a steel trap.

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Today’s Word of the Day is hypermnesia which means, “abnormally vivid or complete memory.” This is obviously the opposite of amnesia which is the lack of memory. I definitely don’t have amnesia, but I also don’t have hypermnesia, either. I can remember quite a bit, and one of my first clear memories is sitting in my car seat in the back, wearing a bright pink windbreaker-type jacket, as we were heading off to somewhere. The location of our destination has eluded me, but I distinctly recall this. I think I was 3 or 4 years old. It’s amazing to me the things I remember versus the things I forget. I can remember that, but if you asked me to tell you what I had for dinner last Wednesday, I couldn’t tell you. My short-term memory sucks sometimes. My long-term memory, on the other hand, is pretty good. I can remember rather vividly a slumber party I went to when I was 12 years old, including things like what I ate for breakfast the next morning, what we all gossiped about the night before, and what color spray-on hair color I put in my hair (it was near Halloween). Maybe that’s what hypermnesia is, and I just don’t realize I have it?

Do you think you have hypermnesia as well? What’s the earliest memory you can call to mind?

I’m not quick to fire.

Today’s Word of the Day is asperity which means, “roughness of manner or of temper.” I’m lucky in that I don’t have a hair-trigger temper. It takes a lot to make me angry. That said, when I’m angry, I’m angry. There’s no doubting how I feel. I’m never violently angry, I just make sure you know, in the strongest language possible, just how disappointed in you I am. People who are quick to anger or who get physically violent when they’re angry scare the shit out of me. You never know what it’ll take to set them off, and you’re forever walking around on eggshells to avoid a confrontation. I feel like in the last three years, the country has collectively been like that, and I’m more than ready for it to end. I think today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection should be something calm, something soothing, something you can kick back and relax to. Something to bring down anyone’s tempers that might be ready to flare. So, with that in mind, I give you “Mediterranean C” by Richard Wright, the late keyboardist/pianist from Pink Floyd. Enjoy!