Silicone parts are made for toys.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m always both amused and horrified at women who undergo extensive plastic surgery.  I can understand women who’ve had breast cancer getting reconstructive surgery done, if they want to, in order to feel better about themselves or to fill out their clothes once more, but what I don’t understand are women that have no medical reason or need to get implants putting these massive bags of silicone in their chests.  Do you hate yourself, is that why you do it?  Most of the time, they look like someone sliced a basketball or cantaloupe in half and shoved said halves under their skin.  It never looks natural, not unless you decided to go from an A-cup to a B-cup or something wherein people wouldn’t otherwise notice right away.  However, it seems the bulk of women who get boob jobs go from an A-cup to a DD, making themselves look utterly cartoonish in the process.  The same goes for women who get a lot of Botox or fillers in their faces.  I’ve never seen a woman get plastic surgery and then look better than she did before unless she had horrible scarring or disfiguring birthmarks or something.  Wrinkles are a good thing.  Smile lines are a good thing.  It means you express emotion.  If you drink lots of water, slather your face/neck/chest in SPF 100+, and don’t smoke, just like me, you won’t need to worry about looking 20 years older than your actual age, and all that shit becomes unnecessary.

I understand that it’s your body, and you’ll do with it what you want, but you shouldn’t use cosmetic surgery to change, repair, or remove some internal flaw.  Hacking yourself to bits or injecting chemicals into your body to change your appearance isn’t going to make you a happier person if you’re depressed, a more social, outgoing person if you’re introverted, or a smarter, more educated person if you’re a little dim.  All you’re going to be is a depressed or introverted or dim person with big tits or big lips or no wrinkles or no cellulite…the list goes on.  Putting a broken clock in a box with no wrapping paper means you have a broken clock.  Taking that broken clock out of the box and putting it in a new box with shiny, pretty wrapping paper….means you still have a broken clock.


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