Don’t kill them, please.


They look fuzzy, but don’t try to cuddle one of them. You won’t like it.

I hate most insects, especially invasive insects like ants and anything that bites/stings like wasps, hornets, and mosquitoes, the most vile insects to ever live. I don’t mind bumblebees/honeybees, though. Why? They pollinate the flowers. Honeybees make honey. For the most part, they leave humans alone, provided you don’t go attacking them or something, which is true for almost any living creature, including other humans. They have a very important job to do, and if they are wiped out, the food chain would be in a lot of trouble. Which is why I tell people, if you see a fuzzy bumblebee or a honeybee hovering around some flowers…leave them alone. Don’t take out a can of RAID and start spraying. I actually know someone who kills butterflies. Butterflies. Goddamn butterflies. I think that’s on the checklist to becoming a future serial killer.



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  2. milan rajkumar · July 13, 2017

    Thoughtful !


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